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Sunday - February 7
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About The Rick Amato Show

The Rick Amato Show is an award-winning talk show having twice been awarded the prestigious "Excellence in Journalism Award, Category: Talk Radio" by The San Diego Press Club.  Rick plans to keep the same format of his successful radio show and bring the audience to internet television on the Wazillo Network. 

He has used his show to raise thousands of dollars for the legal defense of young, lower level American soldiers accused of wrongdoings in the War On Terror.  Influenced by his friend Andrew Breitbart, he also used his show to expose examples of hypocrisy and intimidation of the right by pop culture institutions such as Hollywood and the mainstream media.  His show routinely features headline guests drawing the likes of Steve Forbes, T. Boone Pickens, Dennis Miller, Ann Coulter and Former U.N. Ambassador Jon Bolton.  Rick Amato has MC'd and been a featured speaker at over 25 Tea Party rallies across America.

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The Rick Amato Show

Rick Amato

Airs: 2:00 PM (PST) Wednesday

Previous Episodes
Obama's Attack on America's Small Business Owners
Air Date: 12/19/2012 2:00 PM

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – President Barack Obama. Kerry Picket of The Washington Times analyzes the president’s comments and possible political consequences. Also on today’s show is Michael Malgeri, of kids4biz.com, to talk about his effort to help pass HR 422, which expresses capitalism as a superior business model. Also, don’t miss “Listen Up” with Sutton Porter. 

Threats Posed By the Muslim Brotherhood Victory; Barney Franks Open Seat Up for Grabs
Air Date: 12/12/2012 2:00 PM

Rick Amato speaks to Dr. Walid Phares, author of "The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East", advisor to Congress on Terrorism and special foreign policy advisor to Governor Mitt Romney. Rick and Dr. Phares talked about the new Egyptian president, the Muslim Brotherhood, and what to expect form Egyptian foreign policy. 

Congressional candidate from Massachussets' 4th district, Sean Bielat, Vying with Joe Kennedy III for the vacant seat of Barney Frank also Joins Rick on today's show. The grassroots candidate describes the how the 2010 campaign against Barney Frank has prepared him for victory today.

Adopting Baby Girls in China & Saving the Republican Party
Air Date: 12/5/2012 2:00 PM
Joining Rick in the studio today is Howard Kaloogian, of The Tea Party Express. Rick and Howard talk about how the Tea Party Express is saviing the Republican Party. Rick aslo talks with Erik Rush, columnist and author, about how Americans are saving baby girls in China from abortion.
California Dreamin', Top Political Humor, & CEO Mark Ghiglieri Gives Big To Charity
Air Date: 11/28/2012 2:00 PM
In the first segment of the Rick Amato Show, Rick is joined by phone guest, Kurt Schlicter, author of "I Am A Conservative:  Uncensored, Undiluted, & Absolutely UN-PC".  The next segment, political satirist, Sutton Porter, views the presidential campaigns as a horse race.  After Sutton gives her humorous input, Rick talks to Mark Ghiglieri, CEO of Masterpiece Incorporated.  Mark explains why and how his conservative  values lead him to help America's non-profits.  Also, California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Baccaro calls into the show to briefly discuss the Southern California political campaigns.
Union Defeats Spread from Wisconsin to California
Air Date: 11/21/2012 2:00 PM

Joining Rick today is Steve Frank, publisher of California Political News and Views, explaining the union’s demise in California. San Diego and San Jose both vote in favor of pension reform, and San Jose Police threaten a “blue flu”. In segment two, comedian Sutton Porter sums up Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin. Rick wraps up his show with guest Amy Kremer, Chairwoman of Tea Party Express, reporting live from Wisconsin on the Tea Party’s success and the union’s downfall.

Obama Slams Capitalism, Holder Refuses Interviews
Air Date: 11/14/2012 2:00 PM
In the first segment, Rick has Ronald Kessler, Chief Washington Correspondent for NewsMax.com, to discuss Obama's risky strategy to attack capitalism & Bain Capital.  As usual, the second segment features stand-up comic Sutton Porter for her "Listen Up!" section of the show.  For segment three, Rick talks to guest Matthew Boyle, Investigative Reporter for The Daily Caller, about Eric Holder refusing interview requests with a Daily Caller reporter.  Matthew also accuses Eric Holder of acting childish towards his organization.  Finally, Rick closes the show out with his "1-Minute Wrap-Up" to discuss how one MSNBC host is deserving of shame.  Stay tuned to find out which MSNBC host Rick is not happy with and enjoy the episode!
Jackie Mason Has A Message For U.S. Congress In Regards to Israel & Obama
Air Date: 11/7/2012 2:00 PM
Comedian Jackie Mason explains why more Christians than Jews in America support Israel.  Segment two focuses on the "Listen Up! with Sutton Porter" section of the show.  In the next segment, Brett Miller, former NFL player & KTLA Sports anchor, talks about NFL politics.  Brett is not sure that football can be made safer and that commissioner Roger Goodell's attempts are a PR ploy.  Rick ends the show with his one minute wrap-up where he looks inside hte presidential polling numbers.
Obama's Economy, Hollywood, & California Politics
Air Date: 10/31/2012 2:00 PM
On today's show, Rick Amato has guest Steve Frank, publisher of "California Political News & Views", to discuss some of the week's hottest political news.  Rick and Steve talk to Representative Thad McCotter (R-MI), via phone, about the U.S. economy under Obama.  While Obama's economic plans aren't working, he points to Spain as an example of a country creating "green" jobs.  Spains unemployment recently hit 25%.  In segment 2, comedian Sutton Porter talks about France's path to socialism forecasting their economic decline.  The third segment has a very exciting guest, Dennis Rice, CEO Visio Entertainment.  Dennis talks about his upcoming movie, starring Andy Garcia, that looks at a little known story of 1920's Mexico when the government went to war against Catholics.
U.S. Economy, Racist Actions at the White House, & The President Eating Dog
Air Date: 10/24/2012 2:00 PM
On this episode of The Rick Amato Show, Rick has famed political pollster Scott Rasmussen as a call-in to break down the election.  In the second segment, comedian Sutton Porter rants on the day's top political stories.  Following Sutton's segment, Bill Gertz, the Washington Free Beacon, breaks down the story of a political refugee in danger because the White House was afraid to upset the Chinese government.  At the end of the show, Rick wraps up his show and does a bonus segment with comedian and producer, Sutton Porter.
Obama's White House Cover-Up and Economic Outlook
Air Date: 10/17/2012 2:00 PM
Author, "Fast and Furious:  Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up" & news editor of TownHall.com, Katie Pavlich, talks to Rick about the fast and furious gun scandal.  Producer of Rick Amato Show and standup comic Sutton Porter talks about the occupiers, Earth Day, and the Mayday General Strike.  Twenty-year financial veteran Ed Najjar gives wise advice for navigating today's turbulent economic waters.
About Host

Rick Amato is a political commentator, syndicated newsletter writer, columnist and talk show host.

He has been called "a fresh conservative voice who is introducing the values and principles of Ronald Reagan to a whole new generation of Americans", by Barry Goldwater, Jr. and "a rising star of the conservative movement" by John Solomon of Packard Media Group.