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Sunday - February 7
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About The Plastic Surgery Show

The Dr. Seare “Plastic Surgery Show” representing Clinique Sculpture, Clinique Lipo and Clinique LipoSculpture clinics, will bring you thirteen segments discussing the new newest technologies and procedures, with actual patients discussing their searches to find the right surgeons, and their actual surgeries and with their real stories.

Learn what to look for in choosing a surgeon or specific procedure to fit your needs. Learn the pitfalls and negative experiences others have had in the confusing cosmetic choices available to patients, especially in San Diego and Southern California.

Dr. Seare’s 30 year experience with over ten thousand patients as a practicing Board Certified Plastic and Orthopedic Surgeon practicing aesthetic plastic surgery, lipo, liposculpture, microlipo and autologous fat transfers at his clinics in North County San Diego in Carlsbad.  Dr. Seare will showcase the latest, equipment, technologies and procedures and will present actual patients to be interviewed by our moderator, Lynda Martin.  We will discuss the evolution of medical advances which allow for safer, longer and more cost effective cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, with less bruising, pain and recovery, showing the major transformations possible of actual patients bodies.  Our goal is to educate, entertain and stimulate our audience while providing information that can be helpful in making plastic surgery choices.

The Plastic Surgery Show

Dr. William J. Seare

Airs: 2:00 PM (PST) Friday

Previous Episodes
Natural Augmentation of the Breasts and Mommy Makeover with Micro Lipo in San Diego
Air Date: 12/19/2012 10:00 PM

The Plastic Surgery Show with Dr. William J Seare of Clinique Lipo and Clinique Sculpture performing Lipo in San Diego and Lipo in Carlsbad is about a Mommy Makeover on Marinara, a 42 year old Greek-descent mother of two who found us on the internet with “fat transfer to the breasts. She saw us for a free consultation wanting “augmentation of my breast without use of any foreign objects”.  
Her lipodystrophy fat was primarily located in her abdominal torso with 3”-4” of fat which was greatly out of proportion with her “general body fat” measured by inner arm and forearm pinch of 3/8” indicating that as far as her general body fat, she was slightly anorexic, doing an excellent job of dieting and exercise.  Her lipodystrophy fat was inherited form her ancestors and was genetically engineered to grow when stressed to provide a protective advantage through famines, cold climate changes and body injury dangers.
Marinela discusses her entire odyssey from her internet search for “natural breast augmentation”, to the friendly office staff, to the comprehensive free consultation using Touch MD, to her awake anesthesia procedure, recovery and total transformation.  She actually was able to travel to Belgium and then to Greece three weeks after her procedure, and swim in the Mediterranean Sea for her physical therapy.
Our lipo patient shares her before and after lipo photos with the audience, as well as her many favorable experiences and increase in her self-esteem since having the surgery. Marinela has a jewelry business in Encinatas and would welcome our audience to come in and see what she does with silver.
Marinela recommends the audience visit Dr. Seare in San Diego and Carlsbad if they are looking for a Mommy Makeover in San Diego, Liposculpture in San Diego or Natural Fat Transfer in San Diego.

Military LipoSculpture for Meeting Body Fat Standards
Air Date: 12/12/2012 10:00 PM

Our patient, Chris, who found us searching “San Diego lipo” online is a 30 year old Caucasian male Marine sergeant, who came to us about three months ago with a chief complaint of “I need to meet my military standard”.  He came to us after getting back from Afghanistan where he was highly stressed.  Upon coming back to “desk duty”, he put on inches around his waist and pounds that he just “couldn’t get off”.   For the Marine Body Fat Standards, he needed to be an 18% basal metabolic index or BMI or needed to be 176 lbs for his 5’6” frame, but at his initial consultation weighed 205 lbs (overweight by 29 lbs) and taped at 44 ½” at the initial consultation, with a neck circumference of 18” giving him a net BMI of 26 ½ (over-taping 8 ½ “) far from the needed 18%. 

His lipodystrophy fat or the fat that he inherited from his ancestors had grown greatly out of proportion with his general body fat, partly because of the stress of being deployed in Afghanistan.  “The stress hormone” or cortisol secretion quickly had his lipodystrophy fat expanding and growing around his torso, turning him into his father and his family’s genetic inherited tendency to grow fat around the midsection.  His general body fat from the inner arm and forearm pinch test was actually on the anorexic side at 3/8” (1/2” for normal) a good indicator of the general body fat. 

Because of his very muscular physique and large body build, even with no lipodystrophy, he was unlikely to fit into military height and weight standards. For such cases, the military uses a secondary and more refined measurement, taking the neck circumference and subtracting it from his umbilical girth, with a small correction factor, better indicating the actual BMI.  For Chris he was initially 44 ½” or about 8 ½”out of standard for the 18 ½ % BMI needed for his age group.  As discussed in the video, the only way to get this much change is to micro liposculpture around his entire torso. The need to do the entire torso or our famous “Around the World” torso where up to 90% of the fat is removed is reviewed because removing the 4” of fat around his umbilical area only gets us 1” with the tape measurement. 

His specific success story of improving over 10% in his BMI, permanently removing ten pounds of fat at our surgical facilities for lipo in Carlsbad, in San Diego, CA, and improving his umbilical measurement and military fat standards and his finally having the physique he desired is discussed in detail.   His micro liposculpture before and after photos are presented.

Our patient’s “awake anesthesia” experience was excellent and his memory and time in the operating room was almost non-existent, taking no pain pills after surgery.  His garment wear and post-operative recovery was also reviewed.  Our patient recommends the procedure to the audience having obtained the results he desired and stating that the expense and effort were definitely worthwhile.

"Awake Anesthesia" Lipo Procedures
Air Date: 11/28/2012 10:00 PM
For this episode of “The Plastic Surgery Show”, William J Seare MB, is interviewed by Lynda Martin regarding his Lipo practice in San Diego North County in Carlsbad.  He is board certified plastic surgeon and San Diego Lipo surgeon and San Diego LipoSculpture surgeon.  He discusses a case history of a single mother  “awake anesthesia” lipo procedures in detail, talking about the safety and cost effective advantages “awake anesthesia”, microlipo, his famous “around the world” torso abdominal lipo. Natural fat transfer to the breasts was used for natural breast augmentation and her before and after lipo photos are shown and discussed

For his San Diego lipo case history, Dr. Seare interviews a 32 year old female single mother of one who is a massage therapist. Kristin H, had her chin lipo performed over 18 years ago.  She describes her satisfaction with the procedure, even all of these years later, and looking into the mirror almost every day since and loving the results.  She followed Dr. Seare to San Diego and followed him from his previous practice in Salt Lake City Utah for lipo and requesting breast augmentation and lipo for a mommy makeover.   After discussing all of the alternatives for breast augmentation, she decided on natural breast augmentation using her own fat to naturally enhance her breasts.  She talks about her satisfaction with her first results where her torso change was “amazing” and she loved her breasts, going from a small “B” to a full “C” cup.   

Six months later, she desired even larger breasts and wanted the lipodystrophy fat she had inherited from her grandmother to be removed from her arms, arm pit, sides of breast and upper back area with additional natural fat transfer to her breasts.  She is now extremely satisfied with her natural shape having a big change from her chin to her buttocks.  The amazing lipo pre and post-op photos are shown showing huge changes and describing how this had a profound positive influence on her life.  She recommends the “extreme definition lipo” and the natural fat transfer to the audience in San Diego.

Dr. Seare gives an overview of this case and how it positively affected this patient and he gives us a summary of his practice of lipo in San Diego, and invites the audience to visit his offices for a free consultation, or his website at cliniquelipo.com to view his photos and testimonials.

"Around the World" Abdominal Lipo in San Diego
Air Date: 11/21/2012 10:00 PM

This show features a 52 year old successful local San Diego and National business woman who talks about her experience in searching for the right lipo surgeon in San Diego, and her experiences during the whole process of consultation, surgery and post-op recovery.  She describes how My Touch MD photos and renderings during the consultation process along with the time and explanations by Dr. Seare greatly helped her to understanding the best procedures specifically for her and the renderings are demonstrated for the viewer.

The patient elected to have microlipo LipoSculpture of her entire torso circumferentially, that Dr. Seare calls his “around the world” lipo, where up to 90% of the fat can be removed with amazing skin tightening up to 25%. She also elected to have fat transferred to her upper and lower face that Dr. Seare calls “facial freshening”, which for her were much better than a facelift.  Before and after photos of the actual patient are shown.

The patient talks about her favorable experience with “awake anesthesia” and how it and the surgeries were perfect for her. She describes the many ways the procedures have changed and enhanced her life and recommends Dr. Seare for microlipo and fat transfers in San Diego.

San Diego Lipo
Air Date: 11/14/2012 10:00 PM

Dr. William J Seare, a board certified plastic surgeon and San Diego Lipo surgeon and San Diego LipoSculpture surgeon is interviewed by Lynda Martin regarding his Lipo practice in San Diego north county in Carlsbad, at the Clinique Lipo, Clinique Liposculpture and Clinique Sculpture clinics.  He discusses “awake anesthesia” lipo procedures in detail, talking about the safety and cost effective advantages “awake anesthesia” provides along with providing more even and more symmetric results because of the patient assisting in moving themselves on the operating table and standing after the procedure to get symmetry and results.  Dr. Seare discusses microlipo advantages for body sculpting and for better fat viability for transferring fat to the buttocks, breasts and face.

Dr. Seare interviews a 41 yo female patient who is an executive assistant who had microloan of the entire torso that he calls his “around the world” torso lipo procedure, where he gets up to 20% tightening of the skin, by removing the fat “a grain of rice at a time”.  She also had fat transfer to the breasts and buttocks.  This patient discusses her experience from finding Dr. Seare online and his great website convinced her to come for a free consultation.  She describes her consultation process, where Dr. Seare talked about the differences between regular body fat and the lipodystrophy fat that is fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise.  She talks about how helpful her Touch MD account was to her, provided to her at no cost during her first consultation.  This includes photos taken during the consultation with markings indicating the areas and procedures recommended.  

She talks about how the actual awake anesthesia procedure was easy and interesting, relatively painless, and how her post-op recovery was exciting, because of the remarkable transformations.  She recommends these procedures to the audience and describes how the microlipo and fat transfers to her body has helped her self esteem, and discusses the specific compliments she has received.

Dr. Seare gives an overview and summary of his practice of lipo in San Diego, and invites the audience to visit his offices for a free consultation, or his website at cliniquelipo.com to view his photos and testimonials.

About Host
William J Seare MD is a board certified Orthopedic and Plastic surgeon who has over thirty years of experience in cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery with a career caring for over ten thousand patients.  He did his training at the University of Utah and practiced in Salt Lake City for 25 years.  He relocated his practice to San Diego 3 years ago to pursue research interests and now practices Lipo and LipoSculpture in San Diego, North County Carlsbad, at his Clinique Lipo, Clinique LipoSculpture and Clinique Sculpture clinics.  His personally designed the offices that include two State-of-the-Art “awake anesthesia” operating rooms where all of the procedures are performed.

He has pioneered and specializes in only “awake anesthesia” procedures that have tremendous advantages over general anesthesia regarding safety, cost, post-op nausea and quicker recovery, placing the patients in the best positions for the procedures, and the final results.  As a practicing Plastic Surgeon, he does all plastic surgery cosmetic procedures, but focuses on lipo procedures and utilizes the patient’s own fat from these procedures to enhance their buttocks, breasts and face.  He is a pioneer in autologous fat transfer and presented his first AFT paper to the Lipoplasty Society on facial fat transfer in 1990.  He has extensive past and ongoing research on the use of stem cells for wound healing, wound regeneration and to provide better survivability for autologous fat transfers.

Dr. Seare has over 31 publications and 11 patents.  He is a diplomat of the American Board of Medical Examiners. He has just received a provisional patent for a powered liposculpture cannula with a spatula-tip that greatly enhances microlipo and allows the harvesting of fat with over 90% fat viability for use in fat transfers.  He has conducted many clinical trials, and is currently a co-investigator for the Brava breast enhancement system for primary augmentations in very small-breasted women, to study if greater breast size increased can be obtained utilizing that system.

Dr. Seare is excited about practicing all lipo procedures including  liposculpture,  microlipo and fat transfers in San Diego at his offices in Carlsbad.