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Friday - February 12
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About The Celebrated Life

Tune in to eavesdrop on some of the world's greatest authorities on creating the life of your dreams.  Guests are comprised of everything from World Transformational Leaders to Everyday Heroes who have risen above great adversity to find their passion and purpose leading them to a prosperous life as they make a difference for good in their communities.

The Celebrated Life

Roby Warren

Airs: 3:00 PM (PST) Wednesday

Previous Episodes
Child Philanthropists
Air Date: 12/19/2012 3:00 PM

Today’s philanthropists may very well be in kindergarten! Joining Rev. Dr. Roby in the studio is Investment Banker turned Philanthropist, Jennifer Simms (ServeTheFuture.org) and her two children Charlie and Lexi, who conceived their reality television show “The Global Challenge” when they were 4 and 6 years old. Their show will consist of this charitable family traveling around the world on a luxury yacht performing random acts of kindness and enlisting other families to join them. Jennifer also shares how she miraculously funded this venture through her affiliation with Zeeker Penny Auctions. (RobyWarren.ZeekRewards.com) Tune in and find out how you can make your dreams come true!

How to Know Anyone at a Glance
Air Date: 12/5/2012 3:00 PM
Joining Rev. Dr. Roby in the studio is world famous face reader, Barbara Roberts.  Tune in and discover the secrets facial features can reveal to guide you in your life choices.  Face reading can support you in knowing your perfect career, your strengths and challenges, romantic compatibilities; as well as guide you in who to hire, or how to best get along with your boss and co-workers.  The applications are endless.  Make sure to catch this not to be missed episode of The Celebrated Life.
Live Your Passion and the Money Always Follows
Air Date: 11/21/2012 3:00 PM
Joining Rev. Dr. Roby is Holly Eden Morrow of Blue-Eden.com.  Holly shares how even when her life took unorthodox turns, she always followed her passion which has led her to being an international medium and facilitator of workshops supporting people in accessing their psychic abilities.
Protecting Yourself From Radiation Poisoning
Air Date: 11/7/2012 3:00 PM
Joining Rev. Dr. Roby Warren is health guru Arnoux Goran of TotalHealthMasteryUSA.com, who has extensively studied the disturbing effects of the radioactive fallout from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.  The damage is not limited to Japan but has arrived in the United States.  Arnoux will share what you can do to support your body in cleansing the harmful effects of radiation poisoning out of your system.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT show, so be sure to share it with your friends!
Never Say Can't - Physical Fitness Extreme Style After 50
Air Date: 10/24/2012 3:00 PM

Joining Rev. Dr. Roby Warren is Dr. Brad Grant from dradventure.tv.  All of his life, Dr. Grant was a competitive athlete, competing in almost every single sport conceivable.  While building a highly successful family practice in San Diego, Dr. Brad always pursued his passion for pushing himself beyond where he thought he could go.  An auto-immune illness claimed the sight in one eye followed by a hip replacement surgery within the same year.  These couldn’t keep the good doctor down as he set the goal to climb Mt. McKinley six months after his hip replacement surgery.  Dr. Grant now leads adventure tours all over the world providing every type of athletic challenge to seasoned athletes from around the globe.  His message for you is,  get up off the couch and take your life back.  No matter where you are physically, no matter what disabilities you are facing, you can absolutely gain physical strength and stamina and have the perfect functioning body God always intended you to have.


Celebrating Through the Pain
Air Date: 10/10/2012 3:00 PM
Rev. Dr. Roby brings social worker and addiction specialist Ahmondra McClendon, Ahmondra.com, to share her journey into and out of addiction.  Learn the signs to look for in recognizing addiction in  yourself or others and waht you can do to overcome the causes of addiction.  Also, a tribute to former San Diego Charger Junior Seau.
Air Date: 9/26/2012 3:00 PM

Joining Rev. Dr. Roby in the studio is Investment Banker and Philanthropist, Jennifer Simms, (servethefuture.org) . Jennifer shares the miraculous story of Zeek Rewards, (RobyWarren.zeekrewards.com) a penny auction site whose owners altruistically decide to empower regular people by enlisting them as their grassroots marketing team and sharing the profits of the company with this growing team of marketers. This revolutionary philosophy of social philanthropy is one of the fastest growing trends of the decade. Tune in and find out how you can become a millionaire by only working 60 seconds a day.

The Dating Process
Air Date: 6/6/2012 3:00 PM
This week on The Celebrated Life, Roby and her fiance Billy Ray Johnson, D.A. and life coach, have a humorous conversation highlighting the mistakes most often made during the dating process, the misconceptions shared by both sexes, and the signs to look for as a relationship develops. Roby and Billy Ray cover all aspects of dating from one night stands to committed bliss.
The Mechanics of a Miracle
Air Date: 5/16/2012 3:00 PM
Do you need a miracle in your life?  Tune in and learn the step-by-step mechanics on how to position yourself to receive miracles.  Joining host Rev. Dr. Roby is Billy Ray Johsnon, life coach and global entrepreneur.
It's Only Failure If You Say It's Failure!
Air Date: 5/9/2012 3:00 PM
Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, JK Rowling, and Barack Obama all overcame enormous hardships and disabilitites to create their Celebrated Life.  Tune in and hear the secrets that inspired these celebrities in being "restartable" in creating the life of thier dreams, so you can create your celebrated life!
About Host
From the age of 24, Roby Warren has dedicated her life to being of service to her community.  A philanthropic heart combined with an inquisitive nature has led her to study with some of the world's leading teachers of transpersonal psychology, spiritual wisdom, prospertiy experts, and cultural anthropological visionaries.  For the past 10 years, Roby has supported people to live the life of their dreams through The Celebration Center for Spiritual Living which she founded in San Diego, California.  She now brings her inspirational and transformative message to you through WazilloMedia.com's "The Celebrated Life" show.