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Wednesday - February 10
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About Doctor Fix It

Join Doctor Fix It for the most entertaining Home Improvement and Repair show you've ever seen! Not only will you be laughing, but you're guaranteed to learn valuable information about your home. In addition, every week you can WIN PRIZES by calling in and trying to Stump The Doc or answering the Gorilla Glue Mystery Question or playing Name That Tool.  "If it aint broke, break it, and we'll help you fix it!"

Doctor Fix It

Dr Fix It with Bob Cat Billy

Airs: 8:00 AM (PST) Saturday

Previous Episodes
Fixing The "P" Trap
Air Date: 1/5/2013 8:00 AM

This epidsode focuses on the garbage disposal and gives you a GREAT tip that you would never know unless you are a plumber.  The "P" Trap is a piece of equipment under the sink that retains a small amount of water after the sink's use.  This water in the trap prevents sewer gas from entering your house, but also is the cause of 99% of garbage disposal clogs.  Watch Dr. Fix It step you through the process of cleaning your P trap and avoid the expensive call to a plumber.  

"What you don't fix today, is tomorrow's regret." 

Slow Flowing Faucet
Air Date: 12/8/2012 8:00 AM
Do you have gross "gunk" built up on the end of your faucet making the sink drip slowly or have an uneven flow?  Dr. Fix It shows you an exclusive tip if you are having build-up on your faucets.  With just one simple product (CLR or Lime-Away), a plastic sandwich bag, and a few rubberbands, the doctor leads you through cleaning all your fixtures of "crud".
About Host
Dr. Fix It brings his 37 plus years of experience in the residential home building and remodeling industry to home owners across the nation. Dr. Fix It will teach you how to save money and fix problems correctly, the first time. Banishing the tendency of having "Not enough time to do it right, but plenty of time to do it again". Everything from Permits to Plumbing, Foundations to Framing, Roofing to Refrigeration.  Join Doctor Fix It and Bobcat Billy on the most comical adventure of house chores you could ever imagine.
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The Dr. Fix It show is brought to you by San Diego Harley-Davidson, Knockout Pizza, and Real Deal Furniture.