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Friday - February 12
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About A Week with the Ugly News Team

The Ugly News Team is a band of professional news people that have one thing in common...they are all unemployed.

Join Walter Ruskin and Tanner as they investigate, cover, and try to explain the world as only the Ugly News Team can.  Remember you don't want the news to break into your house to create the news.

Our motto is "If you believe it happened...Then we believe it happened!  No questions asked!  Unless we have to testify in court to protect ourselves...and then we will throw you under a bus to save our own behinds!"

A Week with the Ugly News Team

Walter Ruskin

Airs: 2:00 PM (PST) Thursday

Previous Episodes
Del Mar Opening Day 2011
Air Date: 7/27/2011 10:30 AM
The San Diego Community News Group and The Ugly News Team take their weekly pay of $6 and try to parlay it into a fortune.  Along the way they visit Julie Sarno, founding Mother of the Opening day Hat contest, Artist Dania Sierra whose painting was chosen for this years opening day program cover, and Joseph Talano, Jockey who won the opening race at Del Mar 2011.
2011 LGBT Pride Parade
Air Date: 7/20/2011 10:30 AM
Walter Ruskin & The Ugly News Teams cover San Diego's LGBT Pride Parade.  Walter gets stellar interviews with Celebrity Guest Meredith Baxter, Margaret Cho, Ross Mathews (Tonight Show), and Daniel Hernandez Jr.  Plus many everyday citizens of San Diego who came out to support LGBT Pride Parade.
About Host
We had to go all the way to Bel View to find our Anchor.  A young narcissist and overall deluded human who thought he was Walter Cronkite.  A few years ago, Walter thought he was a reporter for the Union Tribune here in San Diego.  He wasn't.  Anyway, Walter would send stories to the editor under his nom de plume, "Scoop".  The story that got him put into the funny-farm was one in which he reported that homes were being burglarized of their drywall.  He even called 911 to report the crime.  It turns out that Walter was at a construction site and the home in question was being bulit, not robbed.  Walter's faulty reporting did however launch an investigation from Turko and the Turko Files of local television station KUSI.  Their follow-up to the crazy reporter story uncovered that the homes were being built without the proper permits.  It cost the construction company $100,000 in permit violations and many death threats to Walter.  Walter went into exile for many years and eventually wound up in a mental hospital.  Unfortunately, Walter was never credited for exposing the faulty contractor, because he didnt, but he believes he did.  Turko and KUSI took all the credit, but Walter claims it is a conspiracy.  We are lucky to have this delusional human being as our lead anchor and hope he stays mentally fit...
"Spy Guy" Tanner

Tanner has history as a radio broadcaster for over 25 years.  Tanner was once on the very popular Cliff and Company Radio show on KSON here in San Diego.  After many years of entertaining people with his voice, Tanner discovered his true passion was being a mime, so he went to work and began miming the legendary skit "man in a box".  The radio executives did not find his miming funny at all.  Listeners were calling the station and reporting they could not see him.  So, KSON released him and we found him at the Marcel Marceau Home of Wayward Mimes.  Because of his great comedic mime timing, Tanner was brought on as the official "Unemployed Radio Host".