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Monday - February 8
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A Week with the Ugly News Team Host: Walter Ruskin
It's the Dream Big or Go Home Show, with the Ugly News Team! Air Date: 4/26/2012 2:00 PM

Don't just dream to do big things, just don't wish them either.  The Ugly News Team is proud to present the "Dream Big or Go Home Show".  In this episode, Walter and William examine the determination of one man to get his television pilot, "My House is Famous", sold.  In addition Stephen Cunnane submits his film "Siri" to the Laughlin Film Festival that The Ugly News Team will be hosting this fall.

Remember only you can prevent forest fires, and only you can stop living the dream!  Good idea if you dream is to create forest fires.  Don't do that!  Get another hobby.

Enjoy the show.

Episode Segments

Segment 1: