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Thursday - February 11
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The Sports Channel is exactly what it sounds like...Everything Sports! The programming on this channel features everything from daily sports news to competitive debating between hosts, all the way through extreme sports and sports history. Do you like American Football? Are you an avid explorer, nature enthusiast, or extreme sports junkie? Tune in to one of our many sports programs and get your voice on the air!

Shows on Sports

X-Corps Host: Jason Lazo and Roslyn Bradle
Airs: 1:00 PM Thursday
X-Corps Action Sports TV is a broadcast TV series based in San Diego, California.  X-Corps is a fun, fast, face-bending half hour TV program focusing on action adventure sports, edited to cool music, and hosted by an adrenalized on-camera team who ARE The X-Corps!  Our humorous hosts act as reporters and our focus is on extreme sports like street skating, snow-biking, wakeboarding and BASE-jumpiing.

See the Action-Hear the Music-Join the X-Corps.