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Wednesday - February 10
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The Politics and News Channel covers political commentary from an array of pundits, the day’s burning political debates, and programs that bring you the most up-to-date news, fresh off the wires.  The political side of this channel will inform you on everything ‘politics’; everything from the upcoming 2012 election, to Obama’s most recent legislation, to the effects of big government in the lives of every day Americans.  The news side of this channel covers the week’s hottest stories, trending topics, and public inquiries.

Shows on Politics & News

The Rick Amato Show Host: Rick Amato
Airs: 2:00 PM Wednesday

The Rick Amato Show is an award-winning talk show having twice been awarded the prestigious "Excellence in Journalism Award, Category: Talk Radio" by The San Diego Press Club.  Rick plans to keep the same format of his successful radio show and bring the audience to internet television on the Wazillo Network. 

He has used his show to raise thousands of dollars for the legal defense of young, lower level American soldiers accused of wrongdoings in the War On Terror.  Influenced by his friend Andrew Breitbart, he also used his show to expose examples of hypocrisy and intimidation of the right by pop culture institutions such as Hollywood and the mainstream media.  His show routinely features headline guests drawing the likes of Steve Forbes, T. Boone Pickens, Dennis Miller, Ann Coulter and Former U.N. Ambassador Jon Bolton.  Rick Amato has MC'd and been a featured speaker at over 25 Tea Party rallies across America.

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