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Saturday - February 13
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Personal Development

The Personal Development Channel is dedicated to your self-betterment.  The shows focus on a vast spectrum of issues that enhance and improve aspects of your daily business and personal life.  Real issues are discussed and feasible solutions are provided.  Our hosts and their guests come from a gamut of professions covering areas such as relationship building, health and fitness, career advancement, mental well-being and overall balance in your life.  The goal of this channel is to improve self-awareness, identify self-worth, and build on your untapped strengths, abilities, and talents.

Shows on Personal Development

Allie & You: The Business Success & Lifestyle Show Host: Allison Maslan
Airs: 4:15 PM Wednesday

Join No. 1 best-selling author, and entrepreneurial mentor, Allison Maslan, for inspiration and insights into growing a successful business and designing an extraordinary life.  If you're a business owner or long to be, it's time to get focused, gain momentum and skyrocket your success.  As a serial entrepreneur and homeopathic practitioner who's built 10 businesses from the ground up, Allison walks her talk.  Each week, Allison will share the latest trends in business, inspiring stories, powerful strategies, and highlight successful entrepreneurs that have made it against all odds.  Named one of the Top Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire by Self Made Magazine, Allison will also answer your most burning questions on business, and help you break through your roadblocks in all aspects of life.  Learn how to create financial freedom while sharing your passions and gifts with the world.  In 2012 it's all about Blasting Off in your business, and living a full and fantastic life with Allie & You!

For information on Allison’s business and life mentoring programs, visit Allison's website.

JCN - Job Education Videos Host: Lynda Martin, Dan Cohen and Brie Thiele
Airs: 8:00 AM Friday

The Job Channel Network education videos provide you with the information you need to secure the job you want.

JCN - Recruiter.com Host: Lynda Martin, Dan Cohen and Renee Kohn
Airs: 8:00 AM Saturday
JCN - Salary.com Host: Lynda Martin, Dan Cohen and Renee Kohn
Airs: 8:00 AM Friday
Real Issues--Real Answers Host: Bobbye Brooks and Tonilee Adamson
Airs: 11:00 AM Wednesday

Real Issues--Real Answers is a provocative, educational and entertaining talk-show hosted by Bobbye Brooks and Tonilee Adamson.   The show is designed to highlight real life issues facing people today, combined with real life answers that can dramatically change lives.   Each decision we make can direct our lives in a number of ways, i.e. deciding to attend college.   Bobbye and Tonilee help talk through issues, make educated decisions, and envision all possible outcomes of those "gametime" decisions everyone makes in life.   Each program includes special guests, videos, interviews, and updates on current events.

SpiritTalk Live! TV Host: Rabbi Wayne Dosick
Airs: 3:00 PM Tuesday

SpiritTalk Live! TV is a lively, thought-provoking weekly hour of animated conversation about how we choose to live the "good life."  

Our eclectic program of talk, music, spiritual teachings, and social, cultural, and political commentary combines intellectual inquiry and sacred spirit, ancient wisdom and contemporary perspectives.  

Fascinating and accomplished personalities, from every facet of life, join our affable host, Rabbi Wayne Dosick and YOU, to explore significant issues of our lives -- meaning and worth, faith and doubt, ethical values, life transformations, the emerging World of Spirit, evolving human consciousness, and the ever-unfolding magnificence of our young people, who bring their vision of the perfection of our world.  

We invite you:  Come on the Journey.  Join in the Quest.  
The Celebrated Life Host: Roby Warren
Airs: 3:00 PM Wednesday
Tune in to eavesdrop on some of the world's greatest authorities on creating the life of your dreams.  Guests are comprised of everything from World Transformational Leaders to Everyday Heroes who have risen above great adversity to find their passion and purpose leading them to a prosperous life as they make a difference for good in their communities.
The Nice Guy Show Host: Phil Torcivia
Airs: 11:00 AM Monday

The Nice Guy Show features interviews and discussions with experts in the fields of health, relationships, lifestyles, and media in general with a light, comedic twist.  Host Phil Torcivia is the author of humorous books about relationships and dating disasters with his sixth book, Nice Knowing You, released on Amazon in February 2012.  Phil picks the brains of his guests to help women and men understand each other.

The Plastic Surgery Show Host: Dr. William J. Seare
Airs: 2:00 PM Friday
The Dr. Seare “Plastic Surgery Show” representing Clinique Sculpture, Clinique Lipo and Clinique LipoSculpture clinics, will bring you thirteen segments discussing the new newest technologies and procedures, with actual patients discussing their searches to find the right surgeons, and their actual surgeries and with their real stories.

Learn what to look for in choosing a surgeon or specific procedure to fit your needs. Learn the pitfalls and negative experiences others have had in the confusing cosmetic choices available to patients, especially in San Diego and Southern California.

Dr. Seare’s 30 year experience with over ten thousand patients as a practicing Board Certified Plastic and Orthopedic Surgeon practicing aesthetic plastic surgery, lipo, liposculpture, microlipo and autologous fat transfers at his clinics in North County San Diego in Carlsbad.  Dr. Seare will showcase the latest, equipment, technologies and procedures and will present actual patients to be interviewed by our moderator, Lynda Martin.  We will discuss the evolution of medical advances which allow for safer, longer and more cost effective cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, with less bruising, pain and recovery, showing the major transformations possible of actual patients bodies.  Our goal is to educate, entertain and stimulate our audience while providing information that can be helpful in making plastic surgery choices.