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Monday - February 8
PST: 1:45 AM   -   MST: 2:45 AM   -   CST: 3:45 AM   -   EST: 4:45 AM
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The Learning Channel  focuses on educational content and other learning-themed shows.  The programs on this channel encompass almost everything that you might have questions on—house repairs to automobiles, politics to religion, health to hobbies, sports and entertainment to literature and topics of special interest.  The programs are informative, instructional, useful, and educational.  If you have any questions about, “How do I do… (fill in the blank),” this channel is for you.  The Learning Channel is your path to enlightenment.

Shows on Learning

Doctor Fix It Host: Dr Fix It with Bob Cat Billy
Airs: 8:00 AM Saturday
Join Doctor Fix It for the most entertaining Home Improvement and Repair show you've ever seen! Not only will you be laughing, but you're guaranteed to learn valuable information about your home. In addition, every week you can WIN PRIZES by calling in and trying to Stump The Doc or answering the Gorilla Glue Mystery Question or playing Name That Tool.  "If it aint broke, break it, and we'll help you fix it!"
JCN - Job Education Videos Host: Lynda Martin, Dan Cohen and Brie Thiele
Airs: 8:00 AM Friday

The Job Channel Network education videos provide you with the information you need to secure the job you want.

JCN - Recruiter.com Host: Lynda Martin, Dan Cohen and Renee Kohn
Airs: 8:00 AM Saturday
JCN - Salary.com Host: Lynda Martin, Dan Cohen and Renee Kohn
Airs: 8:00 AM Friday