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Sunday - February 14
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Shows on the Entertainment Channel are meant to entertain, amuse, and provide enjoyment.  If you are bored with cable television, this channel is the answer to your prayers.  The entertainment channel is a composition of some of the craziest minds on the Internet, found on one site.  The shows may have a business, news, financial or other topical focus, but they are all meant to entertain.

Shows on Entertainment

A Week with the Ugly News Team Host: Walter Ruskin
Airs: 2:00 PM Thursday

The Ugly News Team is a band of professional news people that have one thing in common...they are all unemployed.

Join Walter Ruskin and Tanner as they investigate, cover, and try to explain the world as only the Ugly News Team can.  Remember you don't want the news to break into your house to create the news.

Our motto is "If you believe it happened...Then we believe it happened!  No questions asked!  Unless we have to testify in court to protect ourselves...and then we will throw you under a bus to save our own behinds!"

X-Corps Host: Jason Lazo and Roslyn Bradle
Airs: 1:00 PM Thursday
X-Corps Action Sports TV is a broadcast TV series based in San Diego, California.  X-Corps is a fun, fast, face-bending half hour TV program focusing on action adventure sports, edited to cool music, and hosted by an adrenalized on-camera team who ARE The X-Corps!  Our humorous hosts act as reporters and our focus is on extreme sports like street skating, snow-biking, wakeboarding and BASE-jumpiing.

See the Action-Hear the Music-Join the X-Corps.