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Friday - February 5
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The power of online video in communicating the benefits of your product or service make the WaZillo Media network a compelling medium for advertisers to broaden their market reach and increase the effectiveness of their advertising dollars.

The Internet now leads TV as the most essential media in consumer minds1. In 2011, 45% of people polled choose the Internet as the most essential media, up from 33% in 2007; 62% of people 34 years of age or younger chose the Internet as the most essential media.

Among the factors that are driving the trend towards online media consumption are:

Online, the weekly audience for video is substantially larger than for audio. In 2010, 29% of people polled said they watched online video in the past week, versus 17% who said they listened to online radio.

1 Source: Arbitron, Inc. / Edison Research 2010

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